Former All-Pro cornerback Albert Lewis in hospital recovering from undisclosed illness

Former Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders cornerback Albert Lewis is recovering in a Shreveport, La. hospital after being stricken with an undisclosed illness, per KSLA 12 News.

The three-time All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowl selection was admitted to the hospital on Monday and has been under the watch of the critical care unit ever since. However, family friends told the station that Lewis is alert and speaking.

Heading into his 15th season, Rivers is still one of the best quarterbacks and sharpest minds in football. He takes us inside the game within the game on two big plays, and one disastrous red-zone interception, from last season

So, when we lined up, we bring in [running back] Austin Ekeler, it’s kinda starting to take shape. I’m going, ‘Goodness, gracious, that safety and cornerback, they’re communicating. Boy, maybe we’re gonna have Travis over the top of this thing.’

Flacco, along with everyone else, will get another chance to try, when Lewis delivers his Hall of Fame induction speech on August 4.

Operating from the final spot in the lineup for the evening, Lewis has promised something significant. All you have to do is deliver something that people want to hear, Lewis said during his Hall of Fame conference call, via Jamison Hensley of It will have people and myself in a roller coaster that people will never forget.

Lewis knows how to communicate verbally in a way that grabs and keeps attention, that entertains, that inspires. And if he’s speaking from a prepared text and not ad-libbing, Flacco will likely understand more than 10 percent of the speech.

Either way, there will surely be passion from Lewis. And it surely will be unforgettable. And it surely won’t fit within the preferred time allotment, which rarely is respected because it’s never enforced.

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